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Suburb to Rural – Lesson in Readjusted Thinking #834

I inadvertently learned how to propagate perennial plants the other day.


While repotting one of my expensive, nursery-bought lavender plants, I broke off a tip of the one of the branches. Without giving it another thought, I shoved it in the dirt and went about my business.

Two weeks later, that little shoot has grown, and continues to grow, and I realize I just saved myself $4.95 because now I have one more lavender plant than I started with.

The Heavens Opened and A Chorus of Angels Sang From On High!

See, I have this idea that we will be using lavender plants to mark the septic lines when we have those installed at the cabin. That’s 100 feet of lavender I need, and honestly, the cost has been freaking me out (aside from the cost of installing a septic system, which really isn’t that awful.) $500 worth of lavender? Just to mark the lines and keep the field smelling sweet? (oy.)

But look! Now I can grow my own! For practically free! It’s like Christmas and Fourth of July all at once! God Bless America! Thank you Mother Nature!

Condo container garden - June 2013

Condo container garden – June 2013