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Fun Day Fridays: Berry Mountain visioning

Sometimes you are lucky enough to realize that the dreams you have always had have somehow turned into plans.

That’s what Berry Mountain is like for me: my dream self-sufficient homestead, a retreat from the world, a return to a simpler, more natural way of life, a gathering place for friends and family, a place to learn, teach, grow and grow old.

This Friday morning I spent sketching the 325th version of the Master Plan for our 30 acres, this time adding a second greenhouse and a new spot for a few more wine grapes.

Hey. Any girl can dream. This girl plans.

Save the World. Make your home.

Take a moment to realize how gorgeous it all is.

In order to stay focused on saving the world, it is important to remember WHY it is worth saving.
Take a moment to look up from your smart phone and see how beautiful the world is.

I want many many more generations of people to be able to see such natural loveliness.
I know you do too.

Sustainable Living – Rule #1

Wear sunscreen.

In the first three days of my post-corporate life, I have been elbows-deep in three different gardens while relishing our strange proto-summer.

I am now the proud owner of a bona fide sunburnt nose and an authentic farmer’s tan.

My new paradigm will have to significantly increase its SPF.

Here is my Truth: My life Mission is to learn and teach sustainable living skills.

The world is worth saving. YOU are worth saving.

School is now in session.