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Berry Mountain – 2015!

Hi everyone! This blog has languished for the past little while, but our Berry Mountain Center for Sustainability has not!

Tim and I have been busy over the past year and a half making improvements to the cabin and land and we are constantly revising plans for our future teaching homestead.

Last summer (2014) we spent ten consecutive weekends at the cabin doing all sorts of capital improvements. We raised the cabin itself to stabilize the foundation. We installed rain gutters and rain barrels. We ripped out the old nonfunctional bathroom to convert it into a large pantry and extended the garden area. We installed a new (to us) window in the bunkhouse and finally finished the decorating to make it warm and cozy.

We made at least a few big purchases:

  • a DR bush-hog to clear the eventual main garden/pasture area on the new house site.
  • A 5 barrel rain capture system.
  • A Berkey water filtration system
  • 30+ flowering trees (redbuds and dogwoods) and the tree tubes to keep them safe from the deer
  • three additional trail cams to capture images from around the property

We have big plans for the upcoming year! We will be installing a test solar array at the cabin. We will be bringing in a contactor to remove the trees from the future pasture. We will be repairing our bridge. We will be applying for grants to subsidize some of our infrastructure and we will be hosting work parties and music festivals.

It’s an exciting time to be alive and to have this clear vision of what we want to accomplish and share.

I’ll be posting more details on the past projects and the ones for the upcoming year in short order.

Thank you for hanging with us and for joining us on the journey.
Buen Camino!