Monthly Archives: June 2015

Homestead Housekeeping & A Near Miss of Fate

Nothing makes me want to get things all tidy and organized than the anticipation of company visiting Berry Mountain! (Last year’s visit from Uncle Peter from England manifested in 10 solid weekends of hard, glorious work beforehand, for which I am so grateful! The Mountain had never looked better!)

In anticipation of hosting some of our beloved friends next weekend, yesterday Tim and I spent a day doing the Homesteader version of Housework. Instead of mowing a lawn, we pulled out the bushwacker and mowed the stream bank. Instead of trimming the hedge, we cut out choking honeysuckle vines from some of our redbud and sycamore trees.  We cleared our view up the stream  by breaking out the polesaw and loppers and adding a Japanese-like sense of serenity to where our babbling brook curves around the stony cliffs surrounding our property.


The effect was glorious, in a natural and unstructured sort of way.

We did have a wake-up call though.

Several times during the day one of us (and I’m not saying who) either fell hard on slippery rocks, or sliced open a hand, or stepped through the broken board in the bridge.

Any of these things could have been bad. Very bad. We are grateful that none of them resulted in anything worse than a scrape or a bruise.

As folks planning their future home far away from emergency medical services, and without a landline or cellphone coverage – we need to be better prepared for the potential of something serious occurring.  On the drive back to our suburban condo, we started discussing the “what ifs” of our chosen lifestyle.

We both have cursory emergency medical training, and a well-stocked first aid kit at The Mountain. We are also the sort of people who do not panic in an emergency. I guess that puts us ahead of the game – but we will have more conversations along these lines.

Dangers aside, we love this place and love the dream we are building here.

The air was thick and sweet. We were home.