Monthly Archives: December 2015

Planting our first fruit and nut trees!

This past weekend we excitedly planted the apple, hazelnut and flowering trees we were gifted from our wonderful cousin Pam from the Arbor Day Foundation. ┬áThese saplings from the Arbor Day Foundation were fine, strong and succulent – a far cry from the spindly little dogwoods and redbuds we received from our local state forestry service.

It must always be a very important day on any homestead when you plant perennial food crops. They will (God willing) long out live us and continue to feed future generations of people and wildlife. We are profoundly grateful for this gift and so very hopeful that we are doing right by our beloved Berry Mountain.

Where we planted, the earth was deep, dark, rich and loamy. We planted the two apple trees in memory of two girlfriends I lost in 2015. Our Jonathan apple is to honor Annette. Our Lodi apple honors Becky. I miss you ladies, but now will always have a reminder of the joy and light you brought to the world. You will always have a home on our Mountain.

Peace on Earth and Good Will to All.