Resource Thursday

I have been so busy reading the archives of my first highlighted resource below, I completely missed posting Resource Thursday on Thursday! So without further ado – here is a highlight of the new links added to our Sustainability Resources page for everything Local/Sustainable/Eco-Conscious and Green:

Sustainable Lifestyle & Blogs: The Walden Effect – 58 acre homestead in South eastern Virginia going on their 7th year back to the land. A fascinating glimpse into what lies ahead for us on Berry Mountain.

Permaculture Centers of Learning: Fingerlakes Permaculture near Alpine, NY USA

FOOD FOOD FOOD! Eat the Weeds on YouTube

Seed and Plant Suppliers: Bountiful Gardens

Organizations: Center for Wilderness Safety

Institute for Local Self-Reliance

Okay gang! Until next week – let me know if you have a good resource that we should know about.

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