Readjust – Refocus. Telling OUR story.

So I am going to make an adjustment here.

Originally, I set out to try to locate and learn about as many sustainable living resources as possible and share them with you on a daily basis. Our own homestead – Berry Mountain – was to be a sidebar to the story.

I think I need to reverse these priorities; focus more on Berry Mountain, and share resources as I come across them. Yes.

We are making the move to leave the familiar comforts of our Washington, DC suburban condo-lifestyle and go back to the land and test our self-reliant mettle.

We have the property (30 acres of West Virginia mountain forest.)
We have a home there (a small off-grid, no running water 60-year-old hunting cabin.)

Now what we need is to acquire everything we need to make a self-sufficient life.
What do you need to have and know to be a modern-day pioneer?

I have a list.

so how would YOU suggest we save the world today?