Making Money on the Homestead

We aren’t living there full-time yet, but the question of how to generate an income once we do is one that features prominently in our planning. Notice I did not say “worrying.”

Seems like a diversified income stream is the most resilient and flexible way to approach it:

There’s the idea of ongoing fee-based classes, of course. Plenty of great examples of how that can be done well.
There’s the idea of renting the tiny homes and community hall as a retreat/gathering space for various groups and/or an AirBnB concept.
There’s the sale of farm products – fresh, preserved and value-added.
There’s the lecture/book circuit – maybe. eventually.
and then there is the part-time home based businesses that tap into our competencies. (marketing, proposal and grant writing.)

Fortunately, we are at a place in our finances where we have no non-mortgage debt, and we have become exceedingly good at living frugally-even in our current expensive suburb. We have some reserves saved up that will be used to seed the initial capital outlays, but even so: we are taking a risk in this adventure. Crops can fail. Weather is unpredictable. The Mountain, and its people may turn against us.

There is no sure-fire guarantees in this. Nor in anything.
But this is the life we want.
We’ll never have a chance at it if we don’t try.

2 thoughts on “Making Money on the Homestead

  1. ravensown

    What you’re doing on Berry Mountain sounds a lot like one of our dreams. :)

    Which tiny homes are you looking to build? We’ve been drooling over all the upcoming options for a few years.

  2. Karen Berry Post author

    Well, I don’t think there is a tiny house style we DON’T like, but we’re rather keen on the idea of having a collection of all sorts of styles (one of each): cord wood, log, stone, a form of cob (suitable for our fairly wet climate), along with prefab and kit homes – all connected by a raised walkway and each having their own private deck space – but sharing kitchen and bathrooms in a communal hall. We should have a to-scale version of the master plan in a month or two when we finish the surveying. :D

    I am SO EXCITED!


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