Homestead First Aid

My new baby chainsaw arrived at our suburban condo yesterday. It is an adorable 10″ Ryobi battery-operated model. I am going to name her Miss Mabel.

ryobi mabel

He already had an 18″ Poulan – but it’s been giving us fits all year.

I wanted a chainsaw of my own so I could contribute to epic task of clearing small trees and bushes out of the area that will one day be the home of my permaculture, hugelkultur, key-hole, duck-patrolled, rainwater-irrigated, chicken-moated, edible, medicinal, perennial, pollinator-friendly 2-acre garden.


Right now? My future Eden is a thorny tangle of brush and small pines.

Along with the addition of a new chainsaw and a heretofore untested chainsaw operator (me) to the Homestead, I decided it to be an excellent time to upgrade our first aid kit. This one (we have several) hangs just inside the cabin front door and is focused on big gushing, gaping wounds. Cheery, non?


(and yes, there are a few things related to bug bites too.)

As our Homestead currently does not have a landline phone, we get no cell-phone signal nor Internet and the nearest neighbor is about half a mile away down our steeply banked driveway, we need to be able to render emergency medical attention on our own if the need arises.

The first aid kit is one small step to that, but I do think it is time to sign up for my Wilderness First Aid course through the Center for Wilderness Safety.

It now occurs to me that we probably need a new mop at the Cabin too. For clean-up.

4 thoughts on “Homestead First Aid

  1. Susan

    I don’t see steri-strips or superglue in there–the two most often used staples of our home first aid kit. Who needs stitches when you have superglue–that’s our motto!

    1. Karen Berry Post author

      Susan – what a tremendously great idea. I’m sorry you (and your wonderful Hubby) have had to do so much R&D on this issue, ~wink~


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