A long time coming: Berry Mountain Year 1 Updates

Hello friends and countrymen(people)!

The summer went by in a blur as I was occupied taking care of Tim’s mom who had a prolonged illness, but thankfully (!!!) she has recovered fully and I now count her as one of my closest friends due to the quality and quantity of time I was able to spend with her over the past few months.

Our efforts in making improvements to our land was downplayed somewhat due to our reduced resources this year, but we have still made tremendous strides towards creating our dream weekend homestead. Take a look to see what we have accomplished thus far in Year One!

I’m looking forward to getting back into the routine of posting about what we have planned for the Mountain. Future updates will include the titles of our ever-growing homestead library, planting ginseng, building a wild turkey feeder, installing a sugar maple grove and clearing land! All of these are on the docket for Year Two of our Great Adventure! Stay tuned!

so how would YOU suggest we save the world today?