Adding solar panels to the Homestead

This past weekend I filmed a little video clip focusing on the adjustable, moveable and DIY solar panel frame set up Tim devised this summer. I spent some time highlighting the construction methods he used to create something super flexible and infinitely moveable. Our cabin is nestled in a clearing of very tall trees, so we have to chase the sun throughout the day and the year. If some of you might need that same level of flexibility, take a look!

We bought most of the components of the 3 panel (100 watts each) system off of Amazon as a kit for less than $500. Later we added an extra battery, extensions for the power cords and a new charge controller.

We are considering adding more panels to the cabin roof (which is sited almost perfectly facing south) – but the debate whether we should spend money on improving the cabin vs. putting that money towards new building projects continues to be a subject of discussion.

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