Sustainable Living – Rule #1

Wear sunscreen.

In the first three days of my post-corporate life, I have been elbows-deep in three different gardens while relishing our strange proto-summer.

I am now the proud owner of a bona fide sunburnt nose and an authentic farmer’s tan.

My new paradigm will have to significantly increase its SPF.

Here is my Truth: My life Mission is to learn and teach sustainable living skills.

The world is worth saving. YOU are worth saving.

School is now in session.

3 thoughts on “Sustainable Living – Rule #1

  1. Susan

    Fortunately, eco-friendly suntan lotions are pretty good these days so you don’t have to lather yourself with awful chemicals in order to save your skin. Can’t wait to see the fruits of your labor!

    1. Karen Berry Post author

      Susan – I am in desperate need of a chemical alternative – I will have to do some more research on that, but is there something you like in particular? I’m also thinking about sewing up some long-sleeve, high neck blouses out of cotton gauze to give myself some more cover while out in the garden all day, and of course, my straw cowboy hat!

  2. Karen Berry Post author

    Ginny – heck yeah get me that recipe! And I would love to get together to chat and scheme and dream… I wake up every morning SO EXCITED about all of this! Last night I dreamed of a condo of bat houses situated in the garden so that their guano would fertilize the plants and they would keep down the mosquitos. Now I am researching bat box design!


so how would YOU suggest we save the world today?