Sustainability Resource Thursday!

Thursdays at will highlight the new resources we found during the week. As we are in the early days of this blog, the information will be coming fast and furious, but I want to share a few new exciting additions to the Sustainability Resources page.

I am particularly thrilled to share these with you this week:

Favorite Homesteading Blogger this week:  Nourishing Days

Favorite Sustainable Farm/Homestead this week: Radical Roots Farm in Keezeltown, VA

Favorite Permaculture Center of Learning this week: Milkwood Permaculture in Sydney, Australia

Favorite Food Related Website this week:  Backyard

Favorite Tiny House Vendor this week:  Four Lights Tiny House Company

Favorite Seed and/or Plant Vendor this week:  Raintree Nursery in Morton, WA

Favorite Sustainability Event highlighted this week:  12th Annual Rappahannock Plant Sale at Waterpenny Farm, Sperryville, VA – a flea market of native, useful and beautiful plants well suited to the local biogregion – Saturday, April 27, 2013.

Be sure to check out the Sustainability Resources page each week for new additions and let me know if you find something we should include.

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