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CleanKarma.Org is the brain/heart love-child of Karen Berry – a Washington, DC area native and avid proponent of All Things Sustainable. An experienced organic vegetable gardener with a passion for teaching, Karen is an active member of Sustainable Reston, whose mission is to increase awareness of and involvement in localized self-reliance. Karen currently writes and lectures on topics of everyday sustainability and designs perennial gardens for individuals and schools. Karen received a Permaculture Design Certificate from Wayne Weiseman of Kinstone Center of Applied Permaculture and uses permaculture design principles in her approach to landscaping and all other systems.

Karen has leveraged her 20+ years of experience with sales and marketing within Fortune 500 companies to benefit the greater good by authoring proposals for neighborhood composting initiatives, sustainability curriculum for schools and a community garden program linking retirement homes and foodbanks.

Berry Mountain, A Center for Sustainable Living is the canvas upon which Karen will practice what she preaches. The 30-acre forested mountain parcel in nearby Pendleton County, West Virginia will showcase best practices for sustainability and provide a teaching venue for a wide variety of experts. She and her husband, Tim O’Kane, are the proud stewards of Berry Mountain and are actively recruiting partners for programming the future developments.

As part of their journey to building Berry Mountain, Tim and Karen hiked a portion of The Camino de Santiago de Compostella in Northern Spain in 2011. They made an extemporaneous, irreverent, reverent, silly, serious movie of their trip. It is available on YouTube (all 1.75 hours worth!)


If you have questions, comments or would like to partner with CleanKarma.org or Berry Mountain, Center for Sustainable Living – please feel free to┬ácontact us!

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